Stainless Studios Tattoo & Body Piercing in Dallas, Texas

July is the month we celebrate and give thanks to all our clients. We have had so many questions about whether we are doing our July Piercing Special that we have decided to do it again! For the entire month of July we are doing all basic body piercings for just $20.00. Other piercings will […]

For the entire month of September we are doing basic body piercings for just $20. Everyday – Monday 2pm – 9pm! Get your piercing in the comfort of our private piercing room. We are also adding Dermal Anchors to our Special!!! Get the first 2 for $35.00 each. After the first two each additional is […]

Gene DeArmond (the father of our good friend and close family) was hurt during the course of an armed robbery on August 20 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. After being injured, he faces a long road to recovery and several surgeries. Following the incident, he was transported to a hospital in a neighboring town to […]