Stainless Studios Tattoo in Dallas, Texas

Until further notice Stainless Studios is no longer providing the service of body piercing. it was a tough decision but ultimately we decided to focus on 210-060 pdf Tattooing and providing the best Tattooing that we can without having to sacrifice time on Body Piercing. Thanks Stainless Management

We do not do specials for the Friday the 13th at Stainless! If you want a 13 tattooed on Friday the 13th by us, you will pay the shop minimum, which is $60 if the design is simple, and more if it is not. If you want to get one cheaper, you’ll need to go […]

Chris Clements and Rob Holland will be attending this years convention! Book your appointments early because it’s looking to very very busy!! After the convention Rob is heading straight to Vernon, CT to continue his guest appearances. He should be in Connecticut for about a week. Book all your appointments as soon as possible.

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